Alive and Kicking

April 25th, 2013 | By


How are you all?? It’s been a while since our last blog but we are still here!!

A lot has been happening behind the scenes at the Never A Hero camp. We released our debut album at the end of last year and it has been getting some great reviews from magazines, and E-zines. But it has also been getting some great reviews from you lot. Our fans!! So thank you to everyone who has bought the album and given us feedback!!

Want to give a HUUUUUGEEE shout out to our sponsors ECS Limited!! Thank you so much for your continued support. They sell electronic cigarettes. And if you make an order and quote “Never A Hero”, you get a 10% discount on your order. Much safer than actual cigarettes!! Thank you guys. Check out their site!!

Over the xmas hols and start of the new year, we were kicked in the ass by illness of all sorts. And it knocked us flat for a while, but we’re back on track now and have been writing new stuff and rehearsing new songs for our upcoming gigs.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Jason, for being our brother through the hard times and the most excellent of times!! You will be missed forever and we love you and will always be here for you. Ooboboo. Cat eye collector. The James Bond. James Bond. Janfred. Janus. *stay beautiful!! Alan. Love to you man!!

We had our first gig of the new year last week in the Intrepid Fox. It was awesome to play again and we love that venue!! Thank you to all that came to see us!!

NaH at the Intrepid Fox

We will be filming 2 videos in a month’s time. The first will be from the album. A song called “Hollow And The Crow”. Looking forward to that one as it will involve something we have never done or used before. Keep an eye out for that one!! Released on July 15th.

And we will also be filming a video for a song that is not on the album. An acoustic song called “Missing”. Some of you may have heard it on the radio recently. A very different style to our usual song writing. Should be cool. Looking forward to filming them.

We have also been entered into this years Rock The House competition, We are representing South Suffolk in the competition!!

We are hoping to play in the Brentwood Music Festival this year so we are battling other bands to try and win our place. We are playing in a heat on the 26th May in Brentwood!!! Please come down to support us. We will post details of it soon!!

We know that you are all keen to hear one of our new songs, so here is a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Check out Radio Felixstowe on Friday 24th May!! We will be having an interview live on air and will be playing 3 tracks acoustically as well. Really can’t wait for that one!! Will be something different!!

Thanks again to everyone who has said such kind words about our new album. Here are some of the reviews we’ve had –

Our next gigs are – An acoustic set on Radio Felixstowe on Friday 24th May. Playing at the bikers festival in the Patriots Inn, in Crumlin on Saturday 25th May. And then playing in a heat for a chance to play Brentwood Music Festival on Sunday 26th May. Hope to see some of you there!!!

Here’s a random picture to brighten your day!!

Daisy pulls a face

And check out this video of “Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too”. We jammed it in Manchester and put the track over it!!

We are currently also holding a competition where you could win £500/$750. So check out the competition at this link!! And remember to share it with everyone!! Easy money!!!

Well we hope you had a good read and feel a bit more up to date with what’s been going on!! This year we will be also working on the new album, releasing an acoustic EP and doing a UK tour at the end of the year!! Stay tuned!!! And thanks for being with us!!

And thanks Stu for all you dooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Never A Hero

Big Blog

October 31st, 2012 | By

Well hello you lovely strangers!!

It’s been a while but we still love you! Had loads going on since our last Bloggeroo.

We had a couple of gigs in our home town of Sudders a couple of months ago. Played in the White Horse first. It was a great gig and a big thank you to all who came to rock.

Had support from great bands Arizona and Kaine. Check them out. Found out Mickey Thin has a major crush on the golden locked screamer from Arizona. We hear wedding bells!!!… Or definitely some kind of bells ringing… Lol. Jokes!! Ha.

Next we had been booked to play a private party in a field in Sudders somewhere. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were well pumped for it. We got there in the baking hot sun and set up our gear. It was very clear that we were the wrong band for the job, based on our very sexual bondage appearance. Ha. And over hearing from the toilet, the birthday girl was upset some one booked a band that looked like us for her birthday. Just goes to show to all the sneaky bitches out there, you never know who’s listening, when you bitch! Ha. We went on anyway and kicked ass. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we gained some more fans from it. Also, a dog came on stage, and Phrixus made a baby dance its tiny shoes off!!! That’s how we roll. Dogs and babies man!!! Classic Deany!! Check out the photo –

Dog on stage

Then we had a few days off before we were back on the road. We were playing in The Kilkenny Cat, then at the Steampunk Festival, then off to London to play at The Intrepid Fox. Unfortunately the Steampunk festival was cancelled due to the ticket sales falling after the headline band couldn’t play. Gutting. We were well up for that one!!

But we played in Wales and it was a great gig and had a blast. Cheers to Theory Of Evolution for opening the night, and cheers to Steve for being awesome!! We’d love to come back.

Then we had a day off where we played Tonk, Cronk, Cuuuup, Frank and more Tonk. And KB got his Cronk out, and played Cronk a couple of times, after saying he was going to get his Cronk out a million times. Then we played Tonk loads of times!! And had big pizzas!! Cheers Daisy for getting really drunk and ordering them. Loves.

The intrepid Fox gig was ace. Really great crowd yet again and it made the night amazing. Also supported a great band called Spiritus!! Check them out. They are fantastic.

Kaji couldn’t handle how good they were and slipped in his own excitement juices and put his Botty on the floor with a thump. Squidge those shit filled toes!! What a great night. Hope to be back there soon.

We’ve also been in the studio a hell of a lot getting the album ready. It’s sounding great. Yippee. Traditional Denk. Here’s a pic of us working in the studio –

In the studio

And here’s a vid of us performing From Heroes to Angels last month –

We also went to a car boot sale and sold some stuff. It was a long day. We parked the van and there were people climbing in the van before we set stuff up to check what we had. Crazy. They were rooting through stuff, and I’m sure they were stealing stuff cos we couldn’t keep track of what was going on. So, for all that stole, fuck you!! For all that bought, thank you!! Ha. KB was so angry, he nearly did a spinning bird kick at the scavengers. Lol. Fun day though. Thank you Rowina. You are a star!!

We’re planning a couple of tours to go with the release of the album. So if you want us to play in your town, let us know ASAP and we’ll try sort that out!!

Daisy had fisticuffs with a demon teddy bear. They will be fighting battles for the rest of their lives we think.

We got stuck in traffic a lot on the way to Wales recently, and decided to write little messages on bits of paper for our fellow traffic jam buddies to read. Thank you for all the waves and smiles and to all the people that tweeted us and became our fans from that trip. It means a lot and cheered us up on such a long trip. Hope it did to you too!! Goooooo…..

Big thank you to our main man Tom “Golden Rod” Hobbs, for being a star and taking time out to help us while we’re on tour. Love.

We also played the 100 Club in London and rocked up Manchester in the mean time.

Haven’t been playing many gigs as we’ve been putting the final touches to the album. As you may or may not know, THE ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 26TH NOVEMBER!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Been a long time coming but it sounds cool.

We’ll be having a few gigs from the 23rd November to promote the album. Hope you can make it and we’ll post out when and where those gigs are soon.

Here’s a link to the album cover –

Never A Hero - Bleed Between The Lies - Album Artwork

Track listing is –

1. Read Between The Lines
2. Burning Skies
3. Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too
4. The Call
5. Screams Of Silence
6. Days Of Patience
7. Vogue
8. >|<
9. Untouchable
10. Dreamcatcher
11. Hollow And The Crow
12. Sunbeam
13. Stalked
14. Bleed Between The Lies

We will be also filming our next video for our next single, “Screams Of Silence” on the 22nd November.

NEXT GIG IS ON THE 3RD NOVEMBER AT THE INTREPID FOX IN LONDON. Hope to see some of you there!! Here’s the event link –

Halloween Party at The Intrepid Fox

Here’s some links to buy our stuff. It all helps us that tiny bit more. Thankyou.

Burning Skies on iTunes

Socially Awkward on iTunes

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Here’s our website –

And here’s a vid of the making of the Burning Skies video. It’s ace.

Thank you so much for all the support. It means the world, and it’s why we’ve been working so hard on the album. To give you something awesome in return!!

Love you all. Until next time.

Never A Hero xxxxx

There’s A Blog In The Bog…

July 30th, 2012 | By

It’s been a while! There’s been a lot of action in the Never A Hero camp so here’s a quick summary of what you may have missed.

1) We played an awesome show with Jon Oliva’s Pain and Max Pie at the Relentless Garage in London!!

2) We’ve been racking up the views for our new single Burning Skies on the ole Youtube, thanks so much to everyone who’s been sharing it around and playing it to their mums and grans

3) We played at Gigfest in Oswestry for 15 minutes… Bit of a bummer but still thanks to everyone who came to see us

4) We’ve just got back from a weekend of shows at the Intrepid Fox in Soho which was absolutely epic. One of our favourite venues to play so a huge thank you to everyone who came. We also played a bit of cronk, table tonk, had a go on a trampolonk and also played a swedish game throwing wood on wood… Very good…

5) We were also at The Patriot in Crumlin which is another awesome venue with the amazing Wrathchild who you should definitely check out as well as a cosy little venue in Porth!

6) We’re putting the finishing touches to Bleed Between The Lies next month so if all goes well, it should be ready for you VERY VERY SOON! We’re also in talks about our next single so keep your eyes peeled for another belter.

Never A Hero w/ Wrathchild and Suicide Tuesday

We hope that next month, we’ll be able to reveal the artwork and track listing for BBTL so keep checking us out on youtube, Facebook and the like and keep sharing us around. Next lot of shows include a hometown show at The White Horse in Sudbury on the 17th August, The Kilkenny Cat and the Steampunk festival in Wales on the 24th and 25th and finally another show at the Intrepid Fox in Soho on the 26th so come along, show your support and share the lovvvvvvvve.

Thanks to Ben and Tom for coming with us to these shows this month taking pictures, handing out flyers and drinking shitloads of cheap continental beer.

Here’s a cheeky little video of us playing a song of the new album at the Patriot Inn… Enjoy! SPLADOOSH!!!!