2014 Sounds futuristic

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Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year!!

2014!! Sounds futuristic. More so than 2013 anyway. And this year all the funny fuckers will be shouting at, and posting about the Back to the Future films, saying they were wrong, and asking where their flying cars are, as they drink their pints clutched in their hairy fists, while scoffing more meat to go in their meaty heads…!!!

Can’t wait.

So! We all had lovely holidays. We ate and drank and then ate our drinks!!

Mickey spent a month and a half in Australia researching some new sounds for the upcoming album and he probably blew about fifty didgeridoo’s. Here’s a pic of him eating some chicken on a stick-

Mickey - chicken on a stick


We have some gigs to share with you all. Hope you can make them!!

First one of the year was in Colwyn Bay on 24th January. A proper awesome show! Thanks so much to Robin Burberry and Kris Davis for hooking us up on that one we can’t wait to come back!

Next one is in London at the Barfly in Camden with Deadly Circus Fire. On the 27th February. As we write this there’s under 50 tickets left so get buying and check it out –

Never A Hero - Camden Barfly


Then we’re in the White Horse in Sudbury on 7th March.

And then we play at Radfest at the beginning of May. Hope to see some of you at these gigs. Come say hello and stuff –

Never A Hero - Radfest


Just before Xmas we recorded some acoustic videos of four of our tracks. We will definitely be doing some more this year. Thanks for all the feedback guys and in case you missed them, here are the links to them all –


We’re recording our second album in May and are very excited about it. We’ve been writing around the clock and are very please with the new tracks and can’t wait to play them live for you all to hear. Here are some videos of what happened when we recorded the last album –


We’ve got a couple of videos that will be released over the next few months. One is for Hollow and the other is for Untouchable. Looking forward to these ones. Here are a couple of photos from the shoots –

Never A Hero - Hollow video shoot Never A Hero - Untouchable video shoot


Some great news as well

We are now on the roster of “Black Radar Management”. We will be working with them to get ourselves out there more and gigging a lot more. Check them out and give them some love –

Here’s a couple of photos from our latest photo shoot with Ben Allen –

Never A Hero Never A Hero


Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continued support. Without you all, we are nothing. So thank you. We hope you have a great year and we are going to try and do better and bigger things for you all!! If you haven’t got it already, here’s a link to our debut album -

Never A Hero – Bleed Between The Lies

See you all soon. Love Never A Hero

Fun in the sun in the winter…

November 14th, 2013 | By

Hello!! Hello… Hi. Hey. Yo and yoohoo for all you milkshakers out there!!

What you all been up to??? We’ve been busy writing for the most part of the last few months, with the odd gig here and there thrown in.

We played at the Intrepid Fox as part of World Zombie Day! Was so much fun and we made loads of new zombie friends. ZOMBIES UNITE!! Brilliant. Great show for us. Thanks to everyone who came and dressed up and made loads of noise for us! We love you all. Eat our brains whenever you like. Thanks to the Intrepid Fox for having us on again!

We planned to all be together for 10 days in November and we started off the ‘guy love’ with a cool gig with our new buddies Orestea and Bear vs Rhino at Surya in London. Great night! Phrixus had the same shade of hair as the green haired beaut who fronts Orestea! So that was cool!! Here’s a link to a couple of songs at the beginning of our set; “Burning Skies” and “Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too”. Apologies for the rubbish sound. It was recorded on a phone. But still fun. Enjoy -



We’ve also been writing and structuring some new songs, ready for the new album and upcoming gigs. Some exciting stuff coming out and being recorded in demo form. Here’s one that failed to make the cut on the new album but is still a contender to go into the new live set. Check it out here on our facebook

On Friday, we went out for our annual band meal at our usual Indian restaurant. We all laughed and drank and ate far too much! So much in fact that our trip to the pub afterwards ended up with us all falling asleep after one pint!!?!! So we all went home and climbed into the Never A Hero jumbo bed for some dreams and giggles. Kaji loves the big bed!! Lol. Here’s a photo of us before the yum yums!! -

Never a Hero - Curry fun


Massive thank you to all our new Facebook and Twitter followers! Glad to meet you and share this world with you. Keep in touch. We’ll always try to get back to you if you have a question or anything. Love love.

A lot of table tonk has been played. We love table tonk. If anyone ever wants a game of it with us then let us know!! Tonk means tennis. And we bloody love it!!!

Had a rehearsal on saturday where we played a couple of new ones and went over our set a couple of times to make sure we’re still playing the same songs. Very excited about a couple of new ones because they are very fun to play. Just hope that they are fun for you guys listening to them too. We’ll see…! And we have another rehearsal next saturday where we will being doing some more new stuff. But we will also try to record a couple of acoustic versions of our songs for y’all. Something different to gape your ears around. May even film them so you can see us wiggle…!! Ha ha.

Yes. Just had to tell you all about the Never A Hero fart league! It goes by quality of sound AND amount of “air funs” performed. We’ve also been taking into account head shots and how accurate we can fire them out at another band member or members of the public. It is disgusting and awesome. Top of the league are Daisy and Phrixus who change position all the time as they always have a constant air stream. Third comes a surprise contender of Kaji, who did a headshot on a now scarred for life Phrixus. And had a couple of putts here and there. Fourth is Mickey Thin, who did one in bed the other night. Pathetic. But he does only do one a year and it comes out as green smoke. So it was nice to be there for it. Ha. And in fifth place is KB. With none. But he did have his botty sealed at birth…! So to join the league yourselves, send us your farts!! Lolzarooooooo. Ha ha.

So we have also just filmed a new music video for “Hollow Crow”. Very excited to see the outcome. Filmed by Chris Stockings -


Chris also filmed our “Burning Skies” video which we love. Thanks a lot Chris. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already -


At late notice we got hold of an absolutely stunning location. Marks Tey Hall!! Here’s a photo -

Never a Hero - Hollow and the Crow video shoot location


Big shout out and thank you to Austin Gilray who helped us massively in getting the location. Without him we would have probably not even had a location as magical as the one he found us. Austin owns a drum restoration company. Here’s a link to his Facebook page

Also want to thank Jack West for letting us use Marks Tey Hall. Great guy and helped us with everything we needed.

And definitely not forgetting Tom Hobbs. For being an actor for the day in the video. Great performance and a great friend to the band. Thanks Tom. He was also in our video for “Screams Of Silence” as the clown. You can check out that video here -


An amazing location where we didn’t need any lights because the sun helped us out so much. Check out this picture -

Never a Hero - Phrixus - Hollow and the Crow video shoot


Thanks Sun!! Ha ha. We spent the day kicking up the dust so the suns rays looked even better. Although we did inhale and eat half of the dust and brought home the other half of it on our equipment. MMmmmmm…..

Phrixus has his birthday on Friday. So we’ll be having a fanta and a burger with him. Mickey Thin is off to Australia for the whole of December. Daisy is looking forward to Santa letting him sit on his knee, cos as you well know, a fart on Santa’s knee is worth 100 points in the league. Top in no time. KB is injured with a guitar strap burn on his shoulder. So he needs love! And Kaji loves his leather jacket potato!

Got a photo shoot on Saturday which should be fun. And we’ll keep writing our new album for you all. But remember you can still get hold of our debut album from -

http://www.neverahero.net/shop for physical copies or iTunes

Never A Hero - Bleed Between The Lies - Album Artwork


Wishing you a lovely few weeks and we’ll keep you posted with what’s going on!!

Love you all and thanks for the support x x x x x

Shaping up nicely!

July 17th, 2013 | By

Hello there,

Its been a while since we last blogged, and a lot has been going on in the Never A Hero camp.

First of all we say GET WELL SOON to Daisy who had a Hernia removed last week, I will let you guess where from. HaHa. So he is finding life a little sore at the mo.

Diasy Lai - post op

SO because Daisy is on the road to recovery we regret that we will be unable to play with Ashes To Angels at the White Rabbit on 16 July. We are gutted about that but it cant be helped. But we will be back there soon and will get another one organised for later in the year.

Congratulations are in order for Kaji 2.0 who last week got an endorsement with Sabre Guitars. He is very excited to get his hands on his hand built guitar later in the year. Check out Sabre Guitars here – www.sabreguitars.co.uk

Sabre Ghost Guitar

We are just putting the finishing touches to a November 2013 Tour with our friends Time of the Mouth So once we have all the dates and details we will post them.

2ND Album???
Well we have started writing so we will keep you updated.

Friday 19th at The White Horse in Sudbury w/ Silent Divide + Dead Merrick – 8pm

Talk soon.